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The rattan highchair ARA is a piece of furniture made with great care. The edges of the chair are not sharp so that children can safely spend hours playing with their favorite dolls or stuffed animals. Games that educate, teach our children to care and empathy. Rattan dolls furniture will stay with children for many years, accompanying them on their way to adulthood and shaping extraordinary memories that will be passed on to future generations.


Length: 27 cm

Width: 24 cm

Height: 47 cm

Mattress: 19cm x 22cm x 2cm 

Total weight: 1 kg


ARA DOLL HIGHCHAIR was created from a naturally renewable rattan (rotang palm).

Instead of getting rid of whole trees, the vines themselves are cut, and the long, slender stalks grow back very quickly after the harvest. Thanks to this, rattan is a 100% ecological raw material.

This noble material (with a natural dye) is valued not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its very high durability in relation to its low weight. 


The cot comes with a mattress, the cover of which is made of hand-woven 100% cotton. Filled with a sponge. We recommend washing at 60 degrees.




  • It is designed to play with dolls for children from 2 years of age
  • The chair should always be used for its intended purpose
  • It is a handcrafted product and it retains the natural features and structure of the original material, and slight differences in the product's finish, color or structure are inevitable and are not a defect of the furniture. These differences confirm the natural origin of the product and make it unique
  • Due to the nature of the raw material and completely hand-made, the presence of natural depressions and bumps on the surface is acceptable. The presence of natural cracks in no way weakens the structure of the furniture
  • It is a natural product, intended for indoor use (do not expose it to the air when it is exposed to sunlight or other weather conditions)
  • Do not place hot dishes on the surface of the furniture, avoid contact of furniture elements with water or liquids of another origin (any spilled liquids should be immediately removed with a soft cloth or paper towel, and the spilled place should be dried). 
  • Do not place closer than 1m from a heat source (e.g. a radiator)
  • Before using the furniture, it should be inspected and the bindings and connections checked
  • Despite the light weight, the furniture should be moved without additional load, grasping thick rattan stalks, not thin rattan fibers (moving the furniture may damage it)
  • General, systematic care of the furniture should consist in gently wiping it with a slightly damp, soft cloth and immediately drying it with a soft, dry cloth. Stains and coarse dirt should be removed immediately with a soft, flannel cloth


Domestic orders

ARA DOLL HIGHCHAIR will be sent by courier, secured with corrugated cardboard and packed in a cardboard box. Information on the cost of delivery will be included when ordering.  

Foreign orders

It is possible to ship abroad. The shipping costs of such delivery will be calculated at checkout. If the price and method of shipment needs to be determined individually please contact us