About us

Our rattan furniture is created for children, both the youngest and the older ones, up to the age of 12. They are made of Indonesian rattan that is obtained in a controlled way, and no chemicals or machines are used in its processing. Each of them is protected by a certified water-based varnish that meets European safety requirements for toys. All this makes HEYbaby furniture so w 100% handcrafted, ecological product.

Our main intention when creating them was to keep their original, natural look and character in their final form. In a word, to remain as much as possible part of the rainforest from which they come. We believe in the symbiosis between man and nature and we would like to be in harmony with the world around us, even so distant. Following this idea, from among many offers of wood manufactories throughout Asia, we chose the only one that met our criteria both in terms of production and interpersonal relations.

Our idea for rattan furniture would not have been created without a passion for a free lifestyle, Zuzia's love for the boho style, and most importantly, it would not have been possible without additional inspiration in the form of our 2.5-year-old daughter Helenka. We are constantly looking for original solutions, in the conviction that modernity also flows from nature - from collecting sticks in the Słowiński National Park and making them clothes hangers for Helenka, to the idea of rattan furniture, which we used to associate only with a rocking chair on the plot . It turned out that this plastic raw material is even created for children's furniture, which can adapt to any interior in a delightful way. Mesmerized by their beauty, we decided to fill the gap in the range of rattan furniture for children.

We are glad that we are joining the group of entrepreneurs whose main impulse for action was really the family and love for their own children. We hope that our furniture will give you a lot of joy, and in the future they will become one of the sources of wandering along the path of your memories, passed on to future generations.

Thank you for every purchase made.

Zuzia and Maciek HEYbaby