European Miniland doll 32cm

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Charming dolls from the Spanish brand Miniland represent children from all over the world.

A carefully made doll with a height of 32 cm will be the perfect gift for a little girl or boy.
It was made of vinyl which makes her body resilient and flexible and extremely durable. The doll's head, arms and legs are movable. Perfume is added to the material during the production process. The result is a permanent and a delicate scent of vanilla. This method is a guarantee that the smell will never evaporate.
The most important advantage of the Miniland doll is theirs anatomically and anthropological correct structure which makes it a great educational tool. It is a timeless toy that will never get bored. It will teach the child to be caring and empathetic. It will bring the child closer to concepts such as: family, multiculturalism and help to understand the basic principles of relations and coexistence, respect for racial diversity and differences in body build between the sexes.
Dolls do not have any additional battery powered functions: movement, sounds or command execution. This is of great educational significance because in this way the dolls do not do what the child wants. This distinguishes them from other dolls that subject the child to a specific play pattern.

To fully enrich children's play time, complete the favorite doll with clothes and doll furniture.


♡ The European girl doll has light skin and blue eyes
♡ Packed in a plastic bag.
♡ Doll with clothes set: white cotton underwear
♡ The dolls are designed and manufactured in Spain.